My approach

I am passionate about working with people to bring out their best whether it be living and working well in difficult circumstances or thriving professionally and personally.  Perhaps it’s the positive energy which I bring, the insight or unshakeable belief in you and your potential that contributes to clients often feeling lighter, more positive and empowered after our conversations. 

I have worked with Executives, leaders and emerging leaders in the private, public and charity sectors as well as entrepreneurs and homemakers.

Together, we have worked on a wide range of topics which often include focusing on building greater self-awareness, identifying strengths and values to support resilience, collaboration, complex decision making as well as well-being, leading the way to organisational and personal success.

I ask that clients are willing to be curious about the topics which they bring; to be prepared to go beyond initial assumptions and habits, looking a little deeper at the stories which they tell themselves, whether they are helpful to them and to others, paving the way to behavioural change.

There is a concept in German called Ernstheiterkeit which literally translates as serious cheerfulness. It sums up my approach to coaching; to hold sorrow lightly (and respectfully) and joy with perspective. My clients and I often have fun together even when, or maybe particularly when we are discussing difficult or serious topics.

Together, we create a space free of judgment to think, talk, be listened to and challenged, enabling deepening self-awareness and the systems in which you live and work. I don’t set out to make our sessions fun, although laughter is a thread in my work; we roll with what comes up and each session is tailored to what you need at that moment. 

Life-long learning is very important to me and areas of interest include positive psychology (the science of happiness and well-being) and psychological safety. As well as coaching on a range of topics, my MSc research dissertation examined accessing cognitive playfulness in coaching. My interest was sparked by noticing my own tendency of reverting solely to narrow goal-focused logical thinking during stressful times and how this limited my thinking. I have since published on this topic and continue to explore and write in this area.

Research published in 2020 in a peer reviewed journal on team cohesion, collaboration and psychological safety led me to train as an Association of Master Trainers certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY ® facilitator.


I am passionate about life-long learning, frequently take part in development courses and receive regular supervision.  I adhere to the code of ethics of both the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Coaching and ensure compliance with Data Protection requirements.

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